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Plano de los módulosThe already signed land lease agreement is one of the steps required during the approval process. The connection to a transformer station that is assigned by the Red Eléctrica Española (operator of the Spanish grid) has to be assured as well.

The license for the construction of the plant (Autorización Administrativa) has to be applied for at the Ministry of Industry in Madrid. This central Ministry will coordinate with any other administration involved during the permission process.

The time frame for the assignation of all necessary permissions is about 24 to 30 months. In order to submit the application for the project at the Ministry it is necessary to present the technical details of the access to the transformer station and an environmental study on the impact caused by the construction. Besides an aval over 2% of the amount to be invested needs to be provide. Aditionally you haveto realize various enquirys with the town hall, the andalusian administration etc. right now we closing the last details of a strategy agreement with the Andalusian government.

At the present the project got his connection point with Red Electrica. The land leases are signed, aval is deposited and we applied at the industry ministry (MINETUR) the declaration of public interest of the project the overall permission (Autorización Administrativa) and the environmental studies. The project was pubished in the B.O.E. (official state paper) the 13th of April which is an important step on the way to obtain all the permissions. The 19th of may our project got the confirmation that it is included into the planification process of the 220 kV grid planing. In June we also obtained the environmental permision of the ministry of the environment. Therefore we are only missing the overall permission (Autorización Administrativa) which will be expected for October 2015. With this permission the town hall issues the local construction permit and the project can be realized.

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